Ensure Your API Delivers Only Quality with Schemathesis.

Catch, debug, and resolve API issues before they reach your users. Focus more on delivering value and less on troubleshooting.

Industry leaders trust our Open Source core for their API testing needs


Boost Your API's Reliability with Schemathesis API Fuzzing

Unleash thousands of test scenarios based on your API specification to ensure your API performs as expected, under all conditions.

Application Stability

Discover which payloads may cause your API to crash, corrupt the database, or stall, ensuring your API's robustness and stability.

Up-to-date API Documentation

Ensure your API users always have access to an accurate specification and the latest payload examples. Streamline your API's usability and reduce the risk of miscommunication.

Rapid Debugging

Obtain comprehensive failure reports, complete with a single cURL command for immediate problem reproduction. Minimize your debugging time and resolve issues faster.

Performance Monitoring

Identify performance regressions and bottlenecks in your API with Schemathesis' intelligent testing approach. Keep your API fast and responsive.

Security Assurance

Expose potential security vulnerabilities in your API through our advanced fuzzing techniques. Safeguard your API and protect your users' data.

Seamless CI Integration

Embed API fuzzing into your workflow and gain confidence in your deployments. Uncover vulnerabilities before they reach production.

Schemathesis is the best tool for fuzz testing of REST API on the market. We are at Red Hat use it for examining our applications in functional and integrations testing levels.

Dmitry Misharov, Principal Quality Engineer at RedHat

Unearth Bugs in a Flash

Obtain significant, actionable insights without investing time in test scripting. Schemathesis automatically interprets your API schema and generates test scenarios to extensively scrutinize your API's behavior.


Maintain API Consistency

Manually syncing your API with specifications and tests can be tedious and prone to errors. Schemathesis reads your API schema in real-time and updates the tests accordingly. This leaves you free to concentrate on building your product.


Effortlessly Test Complex Workflows

Schemathesis automatically discerns the relations between various API operations and executes thousands of API call sequences against your API. It runs unpredictable sequences of API calls and detects crashes before your users stumble upon them.


What is Schemathesis.io?

Schemathesis.io is an API fuzzing platform designed to handle the heavy lifting of API debugging so you can concentrate on delivering value with your API.

Continuous testing

Seamlessly integrate Schemathesis.io with your CI/CD pipeline using tools like GitHub Actions, Jenkins, or GitLab CI. Enhance your API's reliability with each deployment.

Team collaboration

Foster efficient teamwork with shared access to test results. Collaboratively debug and resolve issues at a quicker pace.

Flexible integration

Execute tests either on your infrastructure for complete control or on our optimized cloud platform for superior performance.

Regressions tracking

Maintain a pulse on your API's performance over time. Identify and address root causes of issues early to prevent them from recurring.

Provide Schemathesis with your API schema, and watch as it generates thousands of intelligent test cases, ensuring your API behaves exactly as you expect. Make your API testing efficient, thorough, and worry-free. Try Schemathesis today!

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